Corporate Value Benchmark #54: Develop Core Values

Core values help organizations develop a roadmap to success. Harvard Business Review defines core values as “the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstones.” But when is the best time for … Continue reading

Corporate Value Benchmark #53: Embrace Transparency

You might think social media creates a culture of over-sharing (and I think we’d tend to agree with you!), but in business, sharing information with your employees and with your customers – that is, creating an open, honest, and transparent … Continue reading

Corporate Value Benchmark #52: Processes are great, but . . .

Having good procedures and management processes are important for any organization, but if these processes are not communicated throughout all levels of the company, then they can be ineffective. Even more, if your processes aren’t connected to your strategic goals, … Continue reading

Corporate Value Benchmark #51: Empower Your Team

  The management team in any organization is an extremely important value driver. If the CEO does not empower the team, however, then the team’s contribution is diminished. As Marshall Goldsmith writes in the Harvard Business Review, people want to … Continue reading

Indian River Advisors Enters into a Strategic Alliance with Glass Jacobson

We are pleased to announce that Indian River has entered into a strategic alliance with Glass Jacobson, one of the Washington/Baltimore region’s preeminent financial services firms that has been in business for over 50 years. Glass Jacobson is headquartered in … Continue reading

Corporate Value Benchmark #50: Using Leasing as a Financial Tool

In our ongoing series about maximizing enterprise value, we’ve shared information with you about everything from how to develop an effective strategic plan to the role of intellectual property in mergers and acquisitions to keys to successful family businesses to … Continue reading

IR News: Nehemiah Security Has Acquired Triumfant, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that our client Nehemiah Security—an internationally recognized supplier of cyber security solutions and services to enterprise and government organizations—has acquired anomaly detection leader, Triumfant, Inc. Indian River Advisors initiated the transaction, identified Triumfant as a … Continue reading

Corporate Value Benchmark #49: Strategic Planning — A Key Value Driver (Part 2)

As we discussed in part one of our series on strategic planning, essential to remaining a key player in your industry is developing an effective strategic plan. Done well, strategic planning can increase growth, revenue, and profitability. But there are … Continue reading