Corporate Value Benchmark #48: Strategic Planning — A Key Value Driver (Part 1)

Strategic planning is essential for every organization. When done well, implementing and enforcing a strategic plan can increase growth, overall revenue, and profitability. Strategic planning can enable you to remain a key player in your industry. It can allow you … Continue reading

IR News: Caerus Analytics Acquired by Cybraics, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that our client, Caerus Analytics, has been acquired by Cybraics, Inc. Caerus, located in Arlington, VA, provides Big Data analytics and cyber security using social science as a lens for analysis. Its innovation has yielded … Continue reading

IR News: Paragon Communications Acquired by Xator, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that our client, Paragon Communications Solutions, Inc., has been acquired by Xator, Inc. Paragon, located in Herndon, VA, was founded in 2006 by four former Intelligence Community executives. Paragon provides strategic tactical field communications, electronic … Continue reading

Corporate Value Benchmark #47: Mission Critical vs. Nice-to-Have Projects — How Do You Decide Which Is Which?

Determining which projects are mission critical and which are nice-to-have is an essential part of prioritizing how to spend your time and energy. Financial and human resources are never unlimited. Every growing business has resource constraints: limited people, time, and … Continue reading

Corporate Value Benchmark #46: The Lost Art of Sales Training

Sales is arguably the most important force in every business – and it’s also one of the most demanding jobs in business, too. Sales people have to be good at working with people. They have to understand both the world … Continue reading

Corporate Value Benchmark #45: Eight Principles for Building an Effective Sales Organization

It doesn’t matter how good your manufacturing operation is or how cutting-edge your technology is or how amazing your customer service is if you don’t have a good sales mechanism in place. Without an effective sales organization, Leslie McClintock argues … Continue reading

Corporate Value Benchmark #44: Should You Hire Consultants or Employees? Is That the Right Question?

Figuring out just who is a “contractor” and who is an “employee”—and when a business is obligated to hire which category—has been in the news a lot due to companies like Uber ending up in the courts over just that … Continue reading

Corporate Value Benchmark #43: Executive Team Building

At Indian River Advisors, we’re dedicated to helping our clients increase the value of your company—and the effectiveness of the executive team plays a key role in driving value. Does your executive team perform up to their potential? Do they … Continue reading